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At SSE Plant Hire, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver you the highest quality block lifter to complete your project. Our block lifter attachment is mostly utilised to move concrete and other material blocks from one location to another. This innovative attachment helps lighten the load on manual labour workers by allowing the block lifter attachment to lift, place and line up materials blocks. Our block lifter can assist your next project, whether it be constructing walls, subdivisions or retaining systems.


Will tow behind your car on Transport Trailer 

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Transportable Trailer

(Ensure suitable towing capacity)


Hand Protection is required


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Transport Truck

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What is a Block Lifter?

How our block lifter works is through a latch system where metal wraps around the block material. This allows for the metal to be either tightened or loosened depending on the size on the block and how secure you want the block to be. The latch system is then hooked onto a chain that is attached by a heavy-duty U-bolt. This chain is then locked onto an excavator or bobcat in order to carry the block to and from your working site. Block lifters can come in various sizes and lifting capacities, so choosing the right one for your project is ideal.

      What Machines Utilise Our Block Lifter?

      SSE Plant Hire supply a range of block lifting attachments that can move blocks for your next retaining wall, laying pipes or steel moving project. Our block lifting attachment can be utilised on our:

          • Mini Excavator for Dry Hire
          • Excavator for Dry Hire
          • Bobcat for Dry Hire
          • Posi Track for Dry Hire

              Benefits of Our Block Lifters

              Our block lifting attachment has many benefits that are evident when you start using our block lifting attachment. The benefits of our block lifting attachment include:

                  • Makes Moving Heavy Blocks Easy – Being able to lift heavy blocks allows for projects to stay on schedule without delays due to injury.
                  • Can Lift Various Materials – Our block lifter can lift various materials such as pipes and steel, allowing the block lifter to be versatile.

                      Looking for a Block Lifter Attachment? Contact SSE Plant Hire

                      If you are looking to complete concreate block lifting, laying pipes or moving steel projects, give the team at SSE Plant Hire a call or fill out our online enquiry form to discuss your next project and how our block lifter attachment can assist you. No matter if you are located in Armadale, Kelmscott, Belmont, Claremont, Canning Vale, Cottesloe, Bibra Lake, Gosnells, Kalamunda, Melville, Nedlands, Subiaco, Stirling, Swan, South Perth, Vincent, Wanneroo, or surrounding areas, we supply our block lifter attachment to all our clients.

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