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3.5 Tonne Excavator Kobelco SK35SR-6

Our 3.5 Tonne Kobelco SK35R-6 Mini Excavator provides enhanced full-size performance, short-radius agility and a low-noise environment. This mini excavator is the perfect hire choice for a project in a residential, industrial or civil construction site. You’ll get more digging power from our 3.5 Tonne Mini Excavator which is fitted with an LCD colour monitor and quick hitch piping. Don’t fear about having to work in tight places, this mini excavator has a tail swing radius of 850mm, giving you all the space required to complete your earthmoving project. Our 3.5 Tonne Kobelco Mini Excavator also has a unique blade design which prevents earth from falling behind the blade, meaning your project gets completed on time. The spacious cabin design will have your operator working away in comfort and style with an unobstructed view. Our 3.5 Tonne Mini Excavator’s Energy Conservation Mode will also have you saving even more fuel, meaning less downtime of your work site due to refuelling. Additionally, Kobelco’s iNDr Cooling System provides dust protection, quiet operation and easy maintenance. The 3.5 Tonne Kobelco Mini Excavator is the perfect machine hire choice your next bulk earthworks project. Get in contact today about how to hire this magnificent machine.

Excavator Specifications

Our 3.5 Tonne Kobelco Excavator is the machine hire choice for you if your project site is in a tight or oddly located space, but you still need a machine with great power. The dimension of this mini excavator is 1.7 x 2.51 x 4.87 metres and it has an operating weight of an impressive 3770kg. The 3.5 Tonne Mini Excavator has a tail swing radius of 850mm and a dig depth of 3.05 metres, giving you the support and range you need to complete your earthmoving project. Save even more fuel with its 42L refuel tank, making for less refuelling downtime so you can get your project completed on time.

Other features of our 3.5 Tonne Mini Excavator include:

  • Mine Spec
  • Certified ROPS Canopy
  • Short Radius Tail Swing
  • Swing Boom
  • Dozer Blade (1700mm width x 345mm height, 395mm up, 320mm down)
  • 3 x Buckets (300mm GP, 450mm Gummy, 1200mm Batter)
  • Rubber Tracks
  • Bi-directional Attachment/ Breaker Plumbing
  • Quick Hitch
  • Amber Beacon
  • Fire Extinguisher

Transport Requirements

To transport the 3.5 Tonne Mini Excavator, a truck with a minimum towing capacity of 4.5 Tonne will be required.

Excavator Attachments

The 3.5 Tonne Kobelco Mini Excavator has a wide range of attachments available including:

  • Rock Breaker
  • Pole Grab
  • Auger Drive
  • Block Lifter

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Contact SSE Plant Hire today to get the 3.5 Tonne Kobelco Excavator on your next jobsite today. Our service areas include Perth, Fremantle, Rockingham, Joondalup, Mandurah, Cockburn Central and beyond. Get in touch today!


  • GP Bucket 450mm
  • Trench Bucket 300mm
  • Batter Bucket 1200mm


  • Auger Drive
  • Rock Breaker
  • Block Lifter
  • Rake Bucket
  • Hydraulic Grab



Please read our full Hire Contract Conditions before hiring from SSE Plant Hire

​In addition, please note the following specific conditions:

  • Certification is not required to operate this machine, however you must be competent to do so. 
  • Employers hiring for their employees have a 'Duty of Care' responsibility under the Act.
  • SSE Plant Hire will provide instruction, however it is the customer's responsibility to operate this machine safely.
  • This equipment can only be used on flat solid ground according to manufacturer's guidelines.
  • Operators Manual to be read prior to operating this machine (available on commencement of hire)
  • Contact us to discuss your project hire needs

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