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Hydraulic Hammers and Rock Breakers Hire

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3 Morse Rd, Bibra Lake WA 6163

Hydraulic Hammers and Rock Breakers | SSE Plant Hire

The team at SSE Plant Hire has various hydraulic hammer attachments to complete your demolition material breakdown or the breakdown of large rocks. Our hydraulic hammer attachment can also conduct operations in mining sectors, as well as concrete breaking. Here at SSE Plant Hire, our hydraulic hammer has undertaken numerous demolition and other material breaking requirements, so you know you will be getting a high-quality hydraulic breaker that can complete all projects.


Will tow behind your car on Transport Trailer 

(Ensure suitable towing capacity)


Transportable Trailer

(Ensure suitable towing capacity)


Hand Protection is required


Eye Protection is required


Hearing Protection is required


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Suitable Protective Mask is required


Transport Truck

(Ensure suitable Loading capacity)

What are Hydraulic Hammer and Rock Breakers?

How the hydraulic hammer attachment operates Is that inside the canister, the inner workings rely on the principle of hydraulics. It applies high amounts of pressure in a small cylinder which contains hydraulic oil. In regard to the hydraulic hammers power, it is much more powerful than a regular hammer as the hydraulic hammers force applied can be varied depending on the size and piston strokes.

      What Machines Utilise Our Hydraulic Hammers and Rock Breakers?

      SSE Plant Hire supply a range of hydraulic hammer and rock breaker attachments that can break down large rocks as well as demolish material to smaller pieces, making them easier to move. Our hydraulic hammer and rock breaker attachment can be utilised on our:

          Benefits of Our Hydraulic Hammer and Rock Breakers

          Our hydraulic hammer and rock breaker attachments have many benefits that are evident when you start using our hydraulic hammer and rock breaker attachments. The benefits of hydraulic hammer and rock breaker attachments include:

              • Easy to Maintain – There are few parts that need changing or maintain.
              • High Reliability – Dust protection as well as double tool bars to increase the hydraulic hammers life.
              • Low Noise Output – All openings are plugged to reduce noise when in use.

                  Looking for a Hydraulic Hammer or Rock Breaker? Contact SSE Plant Hire

                  If you require a hydraulic hammer to reduce the size of large rocks on a site clearing worksite or to reduce demolition material size, give the team at SSE Plant Hire a call or fill out our online enquiry form to get a free quote on our hydraulic hammer attachment for hire. We supply our hydraulic hammer attachment to all customers from Armadale to Kelmscott, Belmont, Claremont, Canning Vale, Cottesloe, Bibra Lake, Gosnells, Kalamunda, Melville, Nedlands, Subiaco, Stirling, Swan, South Perth, Vincent, to Wanneroo.


                      TERMS & CONDITONS

                      Please read our full Hire Contract Conditions before hiring from SSE Plant Hire

                      ​In addition, please note the following specific conditions:

                    • Certification is not required to operate this machine, however you must be competent to do so. 
                    • Employers hiring for their employees have a 'Duty of Care' responsibility under the Act.
                    • SSE Plant Hire will provide instruction, however it is the customer's responsibility to operate this machine safely.
                    • This equipment can only be used on flat solid ground according to manufacturer's guidelines.
                    • Operators Manual to be read prior to operating this machine (available on commencement of hire)
                    • Contact us to discuss your project hire needs

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