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Rotary Rock and Concrete Cutter Hire

If your project requires rock and concrete cutting, check out our rotary rock cutter and accompanying equipment. Here at SSE Plant Hire, the AQ-1 model is available for hire and suits a 2-tonne to 8-tonne excavator. This rotary rock and the concrete cutter is designed to handle a variety of concrete grinding and demolition tasks and is the perfect rental option for any project, regardless of size.

The AQ-1 hydraulic drum cutter head is powerful and productive when mounted on 2-8t sized excavators and is perfect for applications such as precise concrete cutting, small trench excavation, profiling, and other specialised tasks. This cement cutter is available for hire when taking on those smaller projects that need a lot of power to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

We offer wet hire for those times when you need an operator and dry hire for when you wish to source your own operator. Let us supply the rental equipment to take care of all your concrete grinding and demolition needs.


Will tow behind your car on Transport Trailer 

(Ensure suitable towing capacity)


Transportable Trailer

(Ensure suitable towing capacity)


Hand Protection is required


Eye Protection is required


Hearing Protection is required


Head Protection is required


Body Protection is required


Suitable Protective Mask is required


Transport Truck

(Ensure suitable Loading capacity)

SSE Plant Services
At SSE Plant Hire, we offer a wide range of services to fit all project types. Our fleet is expansive and will accommodate all your concrete grinding and cement cutter requirements. We provide unparalleled service for an array of project types that include:

  • Highways
  • Public utilities
  • Groundworks
  • Civil works
  • Maintenance
  • Demolition

Whether you are completing commercial or domestic projects, we have all the excavation and concrete hire you’ll need to do the job safely and within your budget. We’ll also provide quality, dependable customer service you can count on every time.

      SSE Plant Hire Locations and Service Areas

      Though our home base is in Cardup, WA 6122, we will travel throughout the area to meet all your rotary rock cutter rental needs. Locations we service include Rockingham, Fremantle, Perth, Joondalup, and Mandurah.

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          Need concrete cutting services in Western Australia? You’ve come to the right place. Contact us through our website, on Facebook, or call today to receive an obligation-free quote. We’d love to discuss your project and provide you with the concrete cutting equipment to get it done right.

              TERMS & CONDITONS

              Please read our full Hire Contract Conditions before hiring from SSE Plant Hire

              ​In addition, please note the following specific conditions:

            • Certification is not required to operate this machine, however you must be competent to do so. 
            • Employers hiring for their employees have a 'Duty of Care' responsibility under the Act.
            • SSE Plant Hire will provide instruction, however it is the customer's responsibility to operate this machine safely.
            • This equipment can only be used on flat solid ground according to manufacturer's guidelines.
            • Operators Manual to be read prior to operating this machine (available on commencement of hire)
            • Contact us to discuss your project hire needs
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